Is Bicycle Riding a Safe Sport for Teenagers?

The modern lifestyle promotes the sedentary lifestyle of a teenager. Without constant monitoring, their future health is at stake. The long term effect is the high risk of lifestyle illnesses at an early age.

 According to a research study, teenagers engaging in an inactive kind of lifestyle age faster and prone to lifestyle illnesses than their physically-active counterparts. Their physical health depends on their day-to-day activities. 

The age set may not engage in a structured fitness program, but their way of life must promote physical health. Sport is the most recommended event for them. As long as it involves body movements and sweating, they are good to go.

As we strive to monitor their physical health, emotional and social fitness must fit in the equation. The best way to achieve this goal is to ensure that the sport accommodates their interests and has time to socialize. Tell a teen to go and skip a rope alone; it will be a fight. If you tell the same teenager to jump the same string with his peers, you will not remind her of it.

The sporting activities that promote physical and emotional health

  1. Bicycle riding

Children, teenagers, and adults all enjoy cycling. The aerobic activity exposes the whole body to a workout exercise. The deep breath and sweat associated with the user define the exact qualities of a good workout.

Despite all the hypes about the exercise, safety measures are inevitable. You must know areas where the teen takes his rides and practice caution, especially when using the road with other road users. The high curiosity levels of teenagers prompt them to violate traffic rules causing a safety risk to all road users.

How do you make your teen a professional cycler?

  • Get a trainer to equip him with skills on the best road practice.
  • Initially, allow him to ride the bicycle within your view for corrections.
  • Purchase books to give him insights about road rules
  • Engage in activities that boost his confidence to emulate the same on the road
  • Allow your teen to cycle the bicycle with peers to improve his social and emotional health.
  1. Table tennis

Commonly known as ping pong, it’s a sport known for its high impact, unlike cycling, which is a low impact kind of exercise. It’s an excellent game for teenagers with high energy levels associated with the adolescent stage.

With the right table tennis equipment, it can be the beginning of a long journey to become an international table tennis player.

The benefits of table tennis for this age

  • Improves cognitive development of a teen-enhanced brain function
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Reduces weight through instant calorie burn
  • Sharpens one brain, thanks to developed mental acuity

The indoor game is played either within an enclosed environment or outdoor. It makes it perfect for all-weather patterns. Teenagers can form a team and compete in a bid to enhance their social and networking skills.

  1. Cue Sport

Teens prefer an indoor game with minimal intense physical activity. Billiards suits this description.

The perfect game for introverts only requires a cue stick and a pool table. Its advantage is its ability to enhance once cognitive skills ideal when you want to hit the ball right at the target.

The features of the cue have a specific purpose to suit the game. It’s an easy and simple game for both novices and beginners. 

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is a brain game. If there is a time during one’s lifetime when the brain works at the optimum level, then it’s during the teen years. Volleyball fits a perfect skill to ensure both the upper and the lower limbs are put into action.

The addictive sport promotes good sleep, ready to face yet another day. It strikes the right balance between school and social work. A teen struggling with losing weight should try continually to play volleyball to burn all the calories.

 The coordination and speed associated with the game are vital in allowing a teen to manage emotions familiar with this stage. Its uniqueness lies in the social skill development, for you need at least six people to make the team; automatically develop the social skills of a teen.

  1. Dancing

If you never danced as a teenager, then you missed a crucial life component. Dancing to music is relaxing and relieves any form of stress and anxiety. Besides, it’s one activity ideal for weight management.

Do you know why gym sessions use dancing as a form of workout? It’s a high impact exercise and fun at the same time. The agility and flexibility while dancing is responsible for strong and healthy bones.

  1. Swimming

After a hard day’s work in the school or during the hot summers, swimming makes the perfect activity to unwind and relax. Swimming improves cardiovascular health.

Do you know that swimming is even better in terms of physical exercise than running a marathon? What makes people fear physical workouts is the long hours of sweat and fatigue. Swimming; being a sport practiced underwater; you never notice the long hours of exercising the whole body. In the end, you have done more than you even expect.

Among the five activities best for a teenager, cycling has all the fun. Leave alone social networks; you interact with nature, which takes care of one’s attitude. You understand the issues of a personal point of view among adolescents. At the end of the exercise, they are tired; all they need is either a hot shower or a cold one- depending on the prevailing weather pattern- and allow the body to rejuvenate. The quality of sleep explains their alertness and attentiveness in class. What else do you expect in school for a teen?

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