Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, mountain bikes differ greatly from road bikes. The primary difference lies in suitability. Mountain bikes function better in rough terrains, while road bikes prefer smooth roads.

Well, that depends on your goals and situation. Typically, you can cycle for about 20 minutes every day if you are planning to lose weight. On the other hand, some people are okay with five minutes daily.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable. However, your knees should be straight.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using your mountain bike on the road. The only problem is that the bike will be slow and heavy.

The ideal bike size varies from one person to another. Your ideal bicycle size is one that allows you to reach the water bottle cages, brakes, and pedals with ease.

Gears are the engine of the bicycle. They combine to move the bicycle forward or backward.

Clipless pedals increase efficiency and control. Although you may have problems using them at the beginning, you will learn their benefits later on.