Cycling and Ping pong

It is usually awful when you wish to visit a friend and enjoy ping pong game but you cannot, just because his flat has no space for a ping-pong table. Using ping pong bicycle, you can now have the freedom to carry the ping pong table with you. Moreover, you can enjoy ping-ponging on the pavements or in the city square.

I will take you through 5 steps of making a perfect ping-pong bicycle.

STEP 1: Sourcing old bicycles and metal tubing

First off, to ensure that the project is cheap you need to look for an old bicycle that you can cut up. You need to obtain two donor frame; 26’’ mountain bike and a 20’’ kid’s bike. From the kid’s bike, only the front fork and wheel are useful. The second bike is wholly crucial, so you need to get one that is in excellent condition.


Secondly, you need to source some metal tubing. If you can be able to obtain an already tube welded on 90 degrees, it will serve you better.

STEP 2: Make a frame

To begin with, you disassemble the bikes and use the bigger bikes tubes (34×2 mm) to create a structure by welding them together.

You are required to decide how long you want your bike to be. If you are planning to fix a ping pong table that is big enough for competition, you will use 137 cm tube by welding several together. Draw the first construction on a piece of paper. Beneath the paper, you will put the rear part. The structure helps you to figure out how they fit together. This helps you to weld the pieces together. Remember to use the central tube to the front being parallel to the ground.

It is advisable that you use an angle of 750 for the front wheel steering.

STEP 3: Making a steering

From the bigger donor bike, take the fork and cut it into three pieces and weld two pieces from there to a steel tube. Take the fork and add a bit of metal to it on an angle of 90 degrees. To give the wheels, more space in left turns an excellent position to move the fork to the top. Ensure that the distance between the wheel center and the hole for axis steering is the same as well as that of the head tube to the steering axis. Maintaining this measurement is crucial to ensure the turn of the handlebar is the same angle that the front wheel will turn.

STEP 4: Making a Fork

Screw the steering axis to ball joints and connect it to two holes where it is supposed to rest. Add support to the bottom tube.

STEP 5: Add ping pong table to the frame

To have everything fixed, you need to check if all these materials are in order; a frame, drive train, wheels, brakes, kickstands, two sides of ping pong table, old stands of your ping pong table, net and steering system. Make sure to get this one the best ping pong table from here: Ping Pong Perfect

If you have all these, you, therefore, need to bolt the parts together. There you now have your perfect ping pong, have fun and enjoy your efforts.